Hoop Earrings

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Beauty is not always defined by extensive features and showy embellishments. Even the simplest of things can look gorgeous if they have just the right touch to them. These Hoop Earrings are a perfect example of something plain, creatively changed into what looks nothing less than stunning. The simple hoops are added sophistication by the 1mm Swarovski® Crystal studs that sit in the centre of each hoop.
Dazzling in place, the genuine crystals make up the highlighting feature of this pair of hoops. So not only is the craftsmanship wonderful, but also the simplicity of the hoops has been completely converted to something that is just magnificent. These earrings have a simple slide-in clasp that holds the hoops comfortably on the ear. You could choose to wear them every day or on certain occasions as wanted.

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Crystal Type
Earring Material Brass
Earrings size 12mm x 14mm